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Aging with enthusiasm and grace

Enthusiasm. The word can bring to mind cheerleaders, or motivational speakers, or Multi-level marketers. It is often used to describe what can feel like a forced cheerfulness. But consider the Greek. The word comes from enthousiasmou, meaning a type of divine possession, when oracles would spout flame from their mouth, and predictions.

This is the kind of enthusiasm I want to explore.

Grace, usually associated with movement, a beautiful way of shifting through space. Or, to honor by attending. We know grace when we see it, right?  What about Divine grace, the never-ending willingness of the Divine to bless? Divine grace is not something we can enthusiastically aspire toward, it is a gift. Endless blessings not based on merit, or perceived worth.

This is the kind of grace I want to know.

So aging with enthusiasm and grace is not becoming an elegant cheerleader, which feels to me to be artifice (another great word I want to explore!). It is a willingness to face our inner Truth, rave it to ourselves and the world in cascades of flame, if necessary. It is accepting the grace of our existence, that loving gift of Life we tend to forget when we get caught in the daily life of appearances, and remembering with awe the gratitude we feel for being alive.

Dissatisfaction will age us faster than anything. Complaints make us sour-faced, and old before our time. Awe fills us with light and makes us truly beautiful. May you live in awe and beauty.